Citi Cash Back Card

Citi Cash Back Card

8% Cashback


6% Cashback


0.25% Cashback

Base rate

Quick Facts

Other Facts and Eligibility Criteria.

  1. Minimum Age must be 21 years old
  2. For Singaporean/PR Minimum Annual Income –  S$30,000
  3. Foreigners can Apply With Minimum Annual Income of S$42,000
  4. A Minimum Monthly Spend Required – S$800 per month
  5. S$80 combined cashback cap across all categories
  6. Interest Free Period of 25 days.
  7. An Annual Fee of S$192.20
  8. S$1,000,000 Coverage when Using This Card to buy Air Tickets.

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  • Annual Fee Waiver of One Year
  • 8% cash back Rewards
  • 25 Days of Interest Free  Period.
  • Up to 20.88% Savings on Petrol
  • Foreigners can Apply


  • There is Foreign Transaction Fee 
  • A Cap on The Amount of Cashback received.
  •  A High APR(Annual Percentage Rate)

Steps To Apply Here are 3 simple steps that needs to be taken to apply for the card

Step 1

Get all required documentation ready

Step 2

Fill Your E-mail Address

Step 3

Select the relevant options and fill up the questionnaire . Apply for your favourite credit card.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I earn the Cashback Rewards?

A minimum spend of S$800 per statement month is required to earn the cash back rewards.

How much is the Annual Fee?

For the first year annual fee is waived. After that there is a fee of S$192.20 .

Is there a Cash Back Cap?

Yes. There is a S$80.00 cap per month.

What happens to the cash back when I close my account?

Cash back does not expire but is automatically forfeited if the account is closed,


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